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Who We Are:

In 1968, Father William Cunningham (1930–1997) and Eleanor Josaitis (1931-2011) co-founded Focus: HOPE, an organization dedicated to intelligent and practical solutions to the problems of hunger, economic disparity, inadequate education, and racial divisiveness. Together, they adopted the following mission:

Recognizing the dignity and beauty of every person, we pledge intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice. And to build a metropolitan community where all people may live in freedom, harmony, trust and affection. Black and white, yellow, brown and red from Detroit and its suburbs of every economic status, national origin and religious persuasion we join in this covenant.Adopted March 8, 1968

Since our modest beginning 45 years ago, we have grown to become a nationally renowned civil and human rights organization diligently working to bridge the racial divide in southeast Michigan through our

  • Food program
  • Career training and education programs
  • HOPE Village Initiative.

To learn more about our history and the community we serve, watch the video below: