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Thank you Kick 4 HOPE sponsors, participants and committee!

Aug 16
Thank you Kick 4 HOPE sponsors, participants and committee!

Blue Chip Talent takes coveted trophy 

21.jpgThank you to everyone who came out to Belle Isle for our first-ever, kickball tournament, Kick 4 HOPE! We had so much fun and hope that you did too. Even in the rain, teams were bringing their all to the Belle Isle playing fields. We would like to give a special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Van Conway & Partners, and all of our other sponsors involved in making Kick 4 HOPE such a success; Absopure; The Remington Group; Blue Chip Talent; UBS Financial; Atwater Brewery; Team Red, White and Blue; Trader Joes​; Rogue Digital; Buffalo Wild Wings; HopCat Detroit and the Detroit Institute of Bagels. We would also like to thank, Justin Jacobs, co-founder of Come Play Detroit, for helping us coordinate kickball teams and managing the playing fields. We could not have hosted the kickball tournament without your support.   


The tournament kicked off to a fantastic start as 98.7 AMP Radio​’s Rat & Puff announced the Kick 4 HOPE teams, introduced the National Anthem singer and played music throughout the tournament. UBS Financial supplied all of our athletes with a morning essential, coffee, and Detroit Institute of Bagels brought everyone a hearty breakfast for a long, exciting day of kickball. Although we did get rained on, it brought an edge to the playing fields that we wouldn’t have otherwise had that included mud, wet clothes and actual sliding into home base. Thank you for being such great sports and committing to Kick 4 HOPE in rain or shine.  



There was a total of 11 teams in the Kick 4 HOPE tournament; I survived I-75; The Remington Group; Blue Chip Talent; Team Harambee; The Outsiders; Bases Aren’t Loaded But We Are; Rough Bellas; Warren Wallabies (General Motor’s Design Team), Sons of Pitches, Better Than Yours and Alex Simpson’s Team. Each team was guaranteed at least two games and after those two games, were entered into the elimination round. Besides watching the kickball tournament, guests and participants were able to enjoy kegs of Dirty Blonde beer supplied by Atwater Brewery, and great conversation about Focus: HOPE, all that we do and other ways to get involved. 



About halfway through the elimination round of the tournament, 98.7 AMP Radio’s Jag announced that he would do a celebrity kick and get muddy on the fields for a donation of $100 to Focus: HOPE. 

“Anyone who wants to see me make a fool of myself, and get muddy for a great organization, donate $100 and I will personally join in for a round of kickball!” said 98.7 AMP Radio’s Jag. 


One by one, teams were eliminated from the tournament leaving the final two teams, The Remington Group and Blue Chip Talent, challenging each other for the coveted, Kick 4 HOPE winning title and trophy. We would like to give a huge congratulations to our first-ever, Kick 4 HOPE winner, Blue Chip Talent. (Who openly admitted to being just as competitive on and off the kickball fields.)


We would also like to thank our own Events & Third Party Manager, Jennifer Presley, and Justin Remington of The Remington Group, for heading our Kick 4 HOPE committee. Their coordination on all fronts made Kick 4 HOPE not only successful, but also fun for everyone involved in the tournament supporting our organization. 

“Thank you to everyone who came out for Kick 4 HOPE and is helping pledge intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice.” Said Jennifer Presley, Events & Third Party Manager, Focus: HOPE. “Tournaments and events that bring people together from different communities, religious backgrounds, race and societal classes is exactly what we are all about.” 


Together, we are able to give back to our community through our numerous programs that are focused on higher education and mid-level career opportunities for disadvantaged individuals; early childhood development and two-generational programs for working families; and delivering food to homebound seniors and low-income mothers and children. The purpose of hosting tournaments and events is to make sure that our supporters, you, feel thanked and part of our Focus: HOPE family. Everyone and anyone who donates, volunteers their time, attends our events or simply asks questions and spreads the word about our organization is essential in helping us fight for our mission. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon.